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Help Send Coach Dusty to Super Regionals!


Help Send Coach Dusty to Super Regionals!

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We are all SO proud of coach Dusty Sulon for placing 6th in the Open for Northern California this year!

Dusty has made it to Regionals each year, but this year was by far his best finish to date. Not only that, but this year only the top 20 from Northern California get the opportunity to compete in Regionals. The top 20 from Northern California and the top 20 from Southern California will compete from May 22-24th in Del Mar for a shot at earning a place at the Crossfit Games.

The amount of time, effort and training that has gone into this effort is nothing short of amazing! All of you that know Dusty know that he eats, sleeps and breathes Crossfit. Placing so high in the Open is a great accomplishment, but not without sacrifice. The cost alone that Dusty will incur in order to compete at Regionals this year is much higher than in the past. Because of the new location, this year he’ll have travel costs on top of registration fees and other expenses.

Our CFD community is incredible and many of you have asked how you can help! So we thought we’d set up a fundraising page to help send Dusty to Super Regionals. Between flights, hotel, car rental and registration fees the estimated costs for him this year will be upwards of $2000!

If you’re so inclined, feel free to donate using the paypal button below. Every dollar helps! We’ll also be doing a couple small fundraisers over the next month at the gym to help offset his costs.

Thank you in advance to the best community around! Let’s go TEAM DUSTY! #blueberries

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