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Have fun in Brazil!


Have fun in Brazil!


Elbows high!

Wednesday 2/19/14
With a partner:
AMRAP 7 min:
3 Wall climbs
Max double unders while partner does wall climbs
Front squat
work up to a heavy set of 2
2@95 2@90%
AMRAP 15 min:
Power clean (185/120)
Handstand pushup
*Continue the pattern as high as possible for the 15 min

A couple of  reminders. First, there will only be 1 mobility class tomorrow from 6-6:30pm. Second Joe is leaving tomorrow morning for Brazil and will be gone until next week. Never fear, Arnold will be taking over Joes classes while hes gone. 

How are you using the power of your mind?

Russians dont need chairs! They squat!

Every thing you need to know about the champ in 3 min

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