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Happy new year!!


Happy new year!!

Some new toys just in time for the new year!

Tuesday 1/1/13
for time:
Run 1 mile
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Air squats
Run 1 mile

Ask coach: If you’re feeling frisky, do it in a 20# vest. Break up pullups pushups and squats how ever you want. 20X5pull 10 push 15 squat is the best. Half Murph options are available

Dont forget to sign up and PAY for the paleo detox coming up. Money is due by the third if you are planning on doing it with the supplements

Why deep squats are good for you

100 greatest sports photos of all time

Happy new year! Is it bad I know what most of these are in reference too?????

Happy new year to everybody. Please be safe and dont drink and drive!

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