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Happy birthday/ Halloween!


Happy birthday/ Halloween!

Happy birthday Danielle!

Saturday 10/31/20.
zoom 8am 10am

9:30 takes Halloween with 4:30 in a strong second!

5 power snatch or clean
rest 1 min.
3 power snatch or clean
rest 1 min
emom 5.
2 power snatch or clean
*increase weight over each 5 min chunk.
Amrap 20 min
10 power snatch 155/105.
31 alternating pistols.
10 handstand pushups.
31 double unders

We are open for fitness and legal! Classes are limited to 25% capacity which is 35 people. Soooo we are extra safe and running 12 people per class plus the option to workout outside! Some of you are still not comfortable coming in so if you need an extra workout or a modification for your equipment please do hesitate to ask. My number is 925-785-2758. A reminder that everyone has their own box and every piece of equipment and touchable surface is cleaned AFTER EVERY CLASS. Hope to see some old faces in the gym

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