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Happy birthday Chet!


Happy birthday Chet!


Happy birthday Chet. Only time Chet sat down in the entire time it took to set up the gym!

Friday 9/27/13
Establish a 1RM front squat
Deck of cards:
In teams of 2:
Complete the deck for time:
Hearts=Box jumps (24/20)
Diamonds=Toes to bar
Spades=Partner wallballs (20/14)
Clubs=Alt arm DB snatch (65/45)
Joker1=20 Partner burpees
Joker2= 4 rope climbs
*25 min time limit

Jack=11 Queen=12 King=13 Ace=14

Ask coach: Do the exercise to the corresponding suit and card number.For example, if you pull a 4 of diamonds you and your partner must do 4 toes to bar. Split up the reps however you wish. If there is a guy girl combo you must use the heavier of the 2 wallballs

Anniversary party this Saturday. In case you forgot, Sarah is catering the party for us and we are getting a keg so you dont have to bring anything. BUT if you feel like bringing something to share all food and drinks are welcomed! We are looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

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But really..what does the fox say?! Happy Friday everyone

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