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Happy birthday bro


Happy birthday bro

tomHappy birthday to my precious angel Tom. May your wildest dreams come true!

Thursday 1/30/14

Spend 15 min working on one or more of the following:
Muscle ups
Handstand pushups
Chest to bar
4 rounds:
Max reps strict pullups
Max reps strict ring dips
*If you can do consistently do more than 10 pullups and 20 dips then add some weight
For time:
30 Double unders
20 Muscle ups
40 Alt arm DB snatches
30 Double unders
40 Alternating pistols
20 Alt arm DB snatches
30 Double unders
*20 min time limit

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25 types of people you see at the gym 

This is pretty cool. I give it to the weightlifter as he had most quality reps. What if they threw in a CrossFitter in there??? Watch the video underneath….

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