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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

Thursday 4/9/20
EMOM 10 min:
10 Heavy front rack lunges
*Use whatever you can for lunges. Heavy barbell, dumbbells, Kbs, sandbag, dog, cat, person. MAKE IT HEAVY, just because were not allowed to go the gym doesn’t me we can’t make gainzzz!!!
Every 4 min for 5 rounds:
Run 400m you may also row 500m if you have a rower
15 Box jump overs (24/20)
Max reps reverse lunges (empty barbell)
*Reminder. If you don’t have a box, set up a stick in between two chairs or 2 thinggs roughly the same height as a box
*Barbell=as written
*DBs only=use 1 DB on back for lunges
*KB=KB in goblet position for lunges
*NO EQUIPMENT=stick jumps and bodyweight alternating jumping lunges

Couch stretch 1 min each leg
Box stretch 1 min each hip
Up dow 1 min


EMOM 40 min:
1 min max calorie machine or 30′ shuttle runs (every 30’=1 calorie) (stop if you get 17/13)
1 min: max burpees (stop if you get 16)
1 min: max double unders (stop if you get 70)
1 min: Rest

CrossFit preteens

Alternating tabata
shoulder taps
broomstick strict press
10 min
30 seconds max reps pushups
30 seconds rest
*Have them lay on ground and worm their way to the top of a pushup every rep. Goal it to make chest hit ground and have a little worming possible. Don’t let them try a regular pushup and go half way down
*Focus is on keeping head up and elbows in tight
10 rounds:
10 Burpees + Max reps goblet squats
30 seconds rest between rounds

We are playing around with different zoom class times. Would you like an extra class in the morning or evening or lunch time? 

If you would like a different workout or one special for the equipment you have please do not hesitate to text me. Ive been getting a lot so its no problem. My number is 925-785-2578. Keep doing your home wods and posting them on the social medias. Everyone loves seeing their gym friends even if its just a clip on insta! Stay active stay sane! 

Zoom classes at 10am and 4:30pm everyday for the duration of this shelter at home period. Download the app and join the fun. Even if you want to just watch and chat with friends for a couple minutes! 
Meeting code is 
684-431-2223. Password is 277276

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