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Happy anny to us!


Happy anny to us!

day1day2Hard to believe that this was only 2 years ago

Wednesday 10/1/14
EMOM 10 min
Sprint 100m
Every 90 seconds for 12 min
Hang clean
“WOD one”
3 rounds for total reps
1 min max wallballs (20/14)
1 min max burpee
1 min KB sumo highpull (70/53)
1 min box jump (20″)
1 min thrusters (75/55)
*first WOD every completed at CFD

What you do not know about your farts 

Top 5 stupidest fitness ideas in history , 

Today is our official 2 year anniversary. Its gone by really fast but seems like so much longer at the same time. Joe and I would like to thank everyone of you for making CFD not just an awesome gym but and awesome family! Not everyone looks forward to going to work everyday, we thank you for making that happen every day! CFD peeps are the coolest

Take a trip back in time to CFDs opening party/first WOD. Anyone/anything look different???

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