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Gun walk


Gun walk

Reminder. We are testing out new zoom times this week. Mon-Fri 6:30 10am and 4:30 5:30pm. IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE A ZOOM CLASS YET…..DO IT!!!! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?! 

If you would like a different workout or one special for the equipment you have please do not hesitate to text me. Ive been getting a lot so its no problem. My number is 925-785-2758. Keep doing your home wods and posting them on the social medias. Everyone loves seeing their gym friends even if its just a clip on insta! Stay active stay sane! 

Zoom classes at 10am and 4:30pm everyday for the duration of this shelter at home period. Download the app and join the fun. Even if you want to just watch and chat with friends for a couple minutes! 
Meeting code is 
684-431-2223. Password is 277276

Seriously. If you’ve been lacking in motivation during this quarantine please try a zoom class. Its just like a regular class and will bring some normalcy to your day

Friday 4/24/20
Every 90 seconds x 10
15 Ring rows or bent over rows or 7 strict pullups+gun walk hold the remainder of time
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 30 min:
Partner A completes 3 rounds of:
6 DB single arm hang clean and jerk (50/35) or 6 hang power snatch (75/55)
10 sit ups
15 Air squats
Partner B Completes:
400m run or. 500m row or 30 calories or 30 burpees
*Once both partners finish their work they switch. Keep that pattern for 30 minutes

Bicep stretch 1 min per side
Up dog 1 min
Couch stretch 1 min per side

DV45 (glam Friday)
EMOM 8 min:
10 Bicep curls + Gunwalk the reminder of the min
AMRAP 8 min:
5 Push press (use DBs if you can or a medium weight barbell)
7 Bench dips
AMRAP 8 min:
5 See the light situps
7 Walk over pushups (if you don’t have a weight plate then use one of your many leather bound books)
AMRAP 8 min:
Max rep “Pump makers+
1 rep =5 DB bent over 4 DB hang power cleans 3 DB hang sumo high pull 5 DB alt arm Push press
8 min:
50 Situps
50 Hollow rocks
50 alt leg v-ups
50 Leg lifts

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