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Thursday 8/28/14
Every min on the min for 8 min:
5 kipping or 3 strict HSPU
*If you normally use a box or more than 2 abmats do seated DB strict press as heavy as possible
Front squat
4xmax reps @80%(3 second pause at bottom)
*Add 10# if you did more than 5 reps last week
4 rounds:
2:30 clock:
Run 200m
12 Double KB front rack lunge (53/35)
Max reps double unders
1 min rest between rounds

Heres some info on the players for tomorrows match. Gridmaster previews San Fran vs. Philly . Starting lineups SF vs. Philly 

We cant stop sleeping with our phones and we’re a little anxious about it 

FOr those of you going to the match tomorrow, this dude is CRAZY strong and super cool. Be prepared to watch him throw around some major weight. Apparently parking sucks at the venue so carpool if you can and get there early. Also there will be a beer garden at 5pm as well as a vendor village if you are looking to get your drink on and buy some new gear! Game time is 7pm, should be exciting! Lets show them why CFD is the best cheering section around 

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