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Great party


Great party


All of todays competitors after the beatdown!

Sunday 9/29/13/
Establish a 1RM push press
“Fight gone bad”
3 rounds for total reps:
1 min max reps wallball (20/14)
1 min max reps sumo highpull (75/55)
1 min max reps box jumps 20″
1 min max reps push press (75/55)
1 min max calorie row
1 min rest

Thanks to everyone who made it to the party today. It was a blast and we hope everyone had a great time! Since Joe and I won the WOD the punishment will be a week of no posted wods! I know you hate me already but those be the rules. I wont leave you completely in the dark though, ill leave some “hints”…

Is it smart to workout with your significant other? 

If you dont kill each other while working out…..Sex and sports:a better combo then you think. 

This is pretty cool

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