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Great job guys!


Great job guys!

CFD crew represented today at barbells for boobs! Great job everybody!!!

Sunday 10/28/12
Establish your 1RM power snatch
Against an 8 min clock:
2 Power snatch (115/75)
2 Chest to bar pullup
4 Power snatch
4 Chest to bar
6 power snatch
6 Chest to bar
8 Power snatch
8 Chest to bar
*Climb the ladder in the same pattern as high as you can in 8 min
then immediately run a max effort 800m

Reminder that there is no lifting class tomorrow. Dave will be out of town.

Lifting weights protects against metabolic syndrome 

Eating carbs makes you crazy!

2 legit to quit

Dont forget to wear your Halloween costume on Wednesday!!!!!

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