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Great job everyone!


Great job everyone!

Does anyone want to do more thrusters?

Tuesday 3/28/17

Tabata hollow rocks
Strict press
Bent over row
AMRAP 12 min:
Run 1 mile
in remaining time max reps:
Burpee chest to bar pullups

Danny Watson: legend. Thats a lot of pullups

Congrats to everyone who competed in the 2017 open! You all did great, hopefully you have a new list of things to work on and kill next years open! Team CFD finished 30th in NorCal out of 171 teams! I said it last year and ill say it again. If we really put in a good years training WE CAN HAVE A TEAM AT REGIONALS……make it happen. Check out the final leader board here! Congrats to some standouts in the mens womens and masters divisions for NorCal. Joe ¬†finished 29th in the 40-44 mens, Arnold finished 55th in the overall mens division, Britt finished 73rd in the overall womens division, Jen finished 37th and Nicole finished 39th in womens 40-44, Krisztina finished 26th in womens 45-49, and Alan fished 37th in mens 50-54. Watch out NorCal CFD has the masters team whenever that starts up! Great job everybody!

Thats pretty good and stuff

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