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Good job team CFD!


Good job team CFD!

What does your clean face look like?

Tuesday 3/29/16
Clean warmup
Establish a 1RM full clean
AMRAP 14 min:
7 Muscle ups
50 Wallballs (20/14)
100 Double unders

Great job to everyone who finished the open!! Its all over and we can get back to normal! Ill do a team CFD writeup/guilt trip about everyones overall performance int he next couple days. We finished 28th out of 181 teams registered for our region! Great job everyone, I really think that if we put in some extra work we can have a team at regionals next year. We just have to stay dedicated the WHOLE year. Check out the leaderboard and show your friends how CrossFit cool you are

2016 regional tickets released 

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