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Good job on day 1!


Good job on day 1!

Sunday 8/27/17

Muscle up practice
For time:
75 Squat clean thrusters (135/95)
*every min on the min until finished perform muscle up
**RX+ 100 reps and 1 strict muscle up on the minute

General fitness

Run 2 miles
AMRAP 20 min:
15 DB squat clean thrusters
20 Calorie assault bike

Check out the leader board for Moxie Madness. Both teams are in the top 10! Action continues tomorrow, where they have 2 more events. 1 is a sled pull with max clean and jerk complex. The other is a grinder of all cardayo….so you know Arnel will put on a show. I believe they go around 9:30 and 1:30. 

Whole foods will drop prices on Monday, Amazon says in detailing new grocery strategy. Do you think Amazon is code word for Skynet????

Imagine being so good at fitness, or anything for that matter. That someone makes a video explaining why you didn’t smile on the podium…..

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