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Good job guys!


Good job guys!


Great job to the CrossFit Kidz and Combat Sports Danville at the reindeer games today!

Alt min for 10 min
1 min 10-15 Shuttle runs 30′
1 min 20 Air squats
For time:
Max effort 400m run or 500m row*max effort means you should be pretty much dead after!
+(rest as needed)
For time:
Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand pushup

Great job to everyone who competed today.  At the reindeer games the CF kidz finished up 24th and team Combat sports Danville finished up 27th. Their were many PRs and bad assness on both teams.   At the Merced holiday throwdown, Brooke had a strong showing all day in her first RX competition and finished in 11th place. Team half and half had a solid day despite a rough floater WOD and finished in 8th. Naomi was a stud as usual, along with our great teammates Brittney and CT from CF Redding. Great job everybody. So glad we have so many people interested in treating CrossFit as their sport.

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