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Good day for CFD


Good day for CFD


First place bro

Sunday 5/4/14
4 rounds:
:20 thoracic spine barbell stretch hold
:30 hollow hold
Every min on the min for 12 min w/70%:
Hang snatch from knee
High hang snatch
5 rounds for time:
3 Power clean (205/135)
20 Toes to bar
Rest 1 min between rounds

The most pesticide heavy fruits and veggies of 2014

This is pretty bad ass!! 50 hour Amanda 

Great job to team CFD today! Daniel, Jeff, Caroline, and Denisia too 1st place! Annabelle and Brians team ended in 5th!! Great day for the CFD community. Heres some of the action! Watch out Wade Howard is coming for your job.

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