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Glam Friday


Glam Friday


Lifting class is off to a great start! Thanks for making it a fun time

Friday 10/11/13
3 rounds:
Max reps deadhang pullup (If less than 5 use a band)
DB/KB push press x 5 (heaviest possible for all 3)
Plyo pushup x 5 (highest possible)
In teams of 2:
5 rounds for total reps:
2 min clock:
15 Hang power or squat clean (185/125)
Max reps handstand pushup
2 min clock:
30 KB swings (70/53)
Max reps chest 2 bar pullups

Ask coach: You and your teammates have 2 min to do the set work, any time left in the 2 min you do hspu or C2B pullups. For example if you and your partner finish the hang cleans in 45 seconds you have 1 min 15 sec to do HSPU before the clock buzzes and you have to switch to KB swings.

Dont forget to sign up for Barbells for boobs and see if we can push CFD into the top 10! Also dont forget to preorder your lunch bags from Sarahs Paleo Pantry. There will only be 10 extra bags made to be sold day of, IF YOU WANT ONE SIGN UP NOW!!! Last barbells for boobs update. This Sunday at 10:30 Joe will be doing a workshop on the clean and jerk and how to cycle them quickly as you have to do 30 for time! It should be a good class, be sure to come out if you can make it. B4B is shaping up to be a great event, be sure to donate to the great cause. 

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