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Get your sleep!


Get your sleep!

1888495_758853467458847_1600768300_nIt was totally back doesnt hurt at all….

Saturday 3/22/14
“Tommy V”
for time:
21 Thrusters (115/75)
12 Rope climbs
15 Thrusters
9 Rope climbs
9 Thrusters
6 Rope climbs
*Sharing is caring on the ropes

Dont forget to sign up for your heat this weekend for 14.4. We will be running heats of 6 but with only 4 sets of rings. If you plan on getting to the rings please put an $ next to your name.  If there are already 4 $ in that heat then sign up for the next one. 

Irregular sleep can cause brain damage

More muscle=live longer

Go fast and rest minimally 

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