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Congrats guys!


Congrats guys!

Congrats to Matt and Rachel. Baby Josie finally came!

Friday 6/7/19

In teams of 2:
Against a 25 min clock:
100 Burpee box jumps (24/20)(Partner hold front rack 53/35 each hand)
200 Double KB deadlifts (53/35) (partner holds handstand)
300 Double unders
Run 400m together
Max reps ring muscle ups

Danville 60
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 25 min:
100 Burpees to box
200 KB deadlifts
100 Cal row
Run 400m

They tried to sneak it by everyone but Greg and Roberto will be competing this weekend at Jigsaw CrossFit in Fremont at the Barbells and Badges comp. If you have time please come out and cheer them on! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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