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Get taped up!


Get taped up!

Not only will will you look elite but you will perform elite!

Thursday 11/29/12
3 rounds:
10 Good mornings
30 Hollow rocks
AMRAP 20 min:
Run 200m
10 Burpees
20 Double unders

Coaches corner: First part is not timed just do it. Goal for part 2 is 10+  rounds

Dont forget that this Saturday at 12 we are having a taping class taught by Devin from Waterman Chiropractics. The class will cover how to tape to protect an injury and also how to tape to improve movement patters for things like pullups and squats. The cost is $25 and you get a roll of tape to practice. Let Joe or myself know if you are interested in coming.

iDiot at the gym

Yoga for chronic neck pain

Beyond the whiteboard is making some changes Dec 1st. Finally a smart phone app!

All of these are classics!

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