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General fitness WOD/ Happy birthday!


General fitness WOD/ Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Liz! A true OG OG.No she didn't make up the workout, its my fault

Monday 4/24/17
Broad jumps
Back squat (speed squats)
*goal for the “speed squats” it to develop more explosive strength in the legs and generating speed out of the bottom. Goal is to have no break at the turn around at top or bottom
5 rounds for time:
6 Thrusters (135/95)
7 Burpees over the bar
8 Toes to bar

“General fitness WOD”
Broad jump
Back squat
*weight that can be done smoothly without many pauses at top
AMRAP 12 min:
6 DB thrusters
7 Burpees over DB
8 V-ups

You may have noticed that there is something extra posted on the WOD today. We are starting a new section to the daily WOD called the “general fitness”. This section of the WOD is for those who are interested in……general fitness. It will be mainly be a offshoot of the regular wod but with an emphasis on moving more and less on the performance/competition side. Think in stead of muscle ups, you will do ring rows. Instead of handstand pushups, you do pushups. If that interests you, great! Do the general fitness WOD. If that doesn’t interest you, great! Do the regular WOD! Win win

Dude is  a pegboard machine!

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