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Fundamentals Program

Group fundamentals

Our fundamentals program is the best way to get started in CrossFit. Over the 2 week course you will learn everything from how to perform the Olympic lifts, to performing a handstand and a rope climb.
Most importantly you will learn how to scale movements to your abilities. One of the great things about CrossFit is that everything is scaleable. For example, if you can’t run then you can row. Can do a pull-up? Add a band to assist you. Can’t do a rope climb? Start from a lying position and pull yourself to standing.
Fundamentals classes meet every Monday Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. After your 2 weeks of classes you are free to try as many classes as you’d like for the remainder of your first month. Cost is $160
We recommend two on-on-one sessions with a coach to teach basics.

Private fundamentals

Get started with private sessions. Here you will meet one-on-one to learn the basics. cost is $100, for your two sessions. If you decide to join it goes towards your first months membership!

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