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Flower cleans


Flower cleans


Can you go UB?

Wednesday 5/13/15

10 KB taters
10 Good mornings

Establish a max for the day
3 position power clean (floor/knee/high hang)
10 rounds for time:
5 Chest to bar pullups
15 Double unders
1 Power clean (225/145)
*20 min limit

Friends dont let friends get skinny fat

Where does the fat go when you loose weight? 

This is a great example of a power clean other than the fact that its 440 pounds. Just because it says power clean does not mean you have to catch it with out bending your knees or by doing a jumping jack clean. Get under it, if its heavy then bar should push you into a full squat 

Pop quiz. Who is this and why does he keep missing the clean?

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