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Flexibility and coordination and the 2 most underrated physical skills in the fitness world. Work on both regularly! 

Tuesday 1/27/15
Every min on the min for 5 min:
6 Squat clean
EMOM 5 min
5 Squat clean
EMOM 5 min
4 Squat clean
EMOM 5 min
3 Squat clean
EMOM 5 min
2 squat clean
*Goal is to not skip any minutes and use the heaviest weight possible. Add weight every time the reps lower. 135/95 would be a good goal to start at.
AMRAP 7 min:
Burpee box jump (24/20)

Good news on the grey sweatshirts. We got word today that they will be in on Friday! So sorry for the long wait, we are upset about it too. Some of you have still not picked up your blue sweatshirts or your sweat pants FYI

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