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EPIC day!


EPIC day!


Congrats to all the winners after a hard day of battle!


Great job to all of our competitors today!!!

Sunday 1/19/14
Alternating min for 10 min:
1 min Row or airdyne for max cal
1 min 10-15 burpees
Front squat
establish a 5RM
5@95 and 5@90%
Every 2 min for 10 min:
3 Power cleans (205/125)
20 Burpees
*Goal is to go touch and go on the cleans for all 5 sets. If you know 205/125 will be easy than feel free to scale up. Have a back up plan of 10/15 burpees if 20 goes away

GREAT day for CFD! I think it went great for our first comp. Joe and I are very proud of everyone who competed and laid it all on the line, especially on those sled pulls….Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who competed and everyone who took time out of their day to judge and help set up! Also a big thanks to mom Sulon who kept score and double checked every ones math skills….The CFD community is unparalleled and we are so lucky to have everyone of you at the gym.  Great day all around, if you want to see you scores we have them at the gym for you to check out if you wish.

Iron and the soul. 200 pounds is always 200 pounds

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Crossfit is for everybody!

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