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Endurance class starts today!


Endurance class starts today!


Lifting weights is cool but sometimes you gotta get that heart rate up bro…

Thursday 8/6/15
Front squat
Quickly work up to a heavy single
10 rounds for time:
15 Wallballs (20/15)
3 Deficit HSPU (6/2)
*RX+ (30/20)/parallette (12″/8″)

REMINDER! There is no 10:30 class today (Thursday), it is the first day of endurance class! Class meets at 8:30 and will continue every Thursday. Also a reminder that the class is not the daily wod that the rest of the class will do. 

Up your game

Whole Foods selling asparagus water is a sign the end is near 

In case you missed it the other day 

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