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Drywall was the original overhead press!


Drywall was the original overhead press!

Not ideal, not ideal

Friday 6/16/17

Tabata legs over paralette
Bench press
In teams of 2:
For time:
100/75 Cals
80 DB squat snatch (50/35)
60 Strict handstand pushups
Run 1 mile (together)

General fitness

Tabata leg raise
DB bench press
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 20 min:
Run 400m together
50 DB snatch
50 DB goblet squats

Floating “trash island” of discarded Vibram five fingers found in South Pacific¬†

9 things only OG CrossFitters will remember

Totally safe to do CrossFit while pregnant. We’ve had several moms workout until the day the baby was born!

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