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Drink the water


Drink the water

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Monday 4/4/16

For time:
Run 400m
3 rounds:
50 Wallballs (20/14)
50 Burpees
Run 400m

This usually helps motivate a couple people so here we go. The open has been over for a week now so you’ve had time to think about the workouts and how you did. Most of you had at least one weakness exposed throughout the open, bar muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand pusups, deadlifts and BURPEES (our lowest scores were 16.1 and 16.5 BTW) just to name a few. So now that you know you have a couple options. You can either ignore/avoid the holes in your game and hope that they don’t show up again next year. Orrrrrr you can do something crazy and actually practice what you suck at.

I know you’re not concerned with going to the CrossFit games, but you are interested in being good at CrossFit and beating that person on the daily board that is always ahead of you. To do that you need to be good at EVERYTHING not just a couple things. That’s what CrossFit is all about, being the best well rounded athlete you can be. No one cares what your Cindy score is if you never touch a barbell, just like no one cares what your back squat is if you run a 20 min mile. What we are going for is the person who can get a high Cindy score, back squat a lot, and run fast!

Practicing your weakness is not fun Ill give you that but I promise you it gets easier! EVERYONE has 5-10 min before or after class to practice something at least a couple times a week. Stick too it and before you know it you will go from struggling to string 5 double unders together to doing 50 unbroken easily. All it takes is consistency and a little extra effort.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink right? The coaching staff can yell at you until we are blue in the face but you need to find the motivation from yourself. And not just for 2 weeks after me writing this. I really believe we have some masters that can finish in the top 200 and we have the talent to quality a team for regionals but its going to take a lot extra effort from everyone. Come 10 min early, stay 10 min late. Do lifting class, gymnastics class, endurance class, don’t cherry pick. Weaknesses don’t become strengths by accident!

Uncertainty is more stressfull than pain

To counter exam stress, cram in exercise 

Pat Sherwood is kinda short

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