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Don’t stop training


Don’t stop training


Do them right!

Monday 4/11/16

Establish a 5RM front squat
Cindy XXX
AMRAP 20 min:
10 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 Air squats
15 Pullups
30 Pushups
45 Air squats
20 Pullups
40 Pushups
60 Air squats
25 Pullups
50 Pushups
75 Air squats
30 Pullups
60 Pushups
75 Air squats
*If you finish under 20 min you may stop. Each round pullups increase by 5, pushups by 10 and air squats by 15.
**Goal is to complete all sets unbroken….

 The science behind falling out of shape Expect it to take twice as long to get back into shape as the time you’ve spent being inactive”

Department of transportation introduces padded bumper lane for drunk drivers 

 Can you beat Spealler? If your pushups and air squats stay as good as these guy’s throughout the workout then we will be impressed with your Cindy score

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