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Dont drop the baby!


Dont drop the baby!


This is one example of not dropping the baby….

Friday 1/16/15

EMOM 10 min:
1 min: max reps strict pullups
1 min: max reps strict dips (box dips will be performed if you do not have a ring dip)

“Dont drop the baby”
In teams of 2:
For time:
Run 800m w/med ball (20/14)
90 Partner wallballs (20/14)
Run 400/w medball overhead (20/14)
60 Medball situps (20/14)
100m overhead walking lunge w/ medball (20/14)
30 Burpee ball throws (20/14)
*If at any point during the WOD the “baby” touches the ground you both must stop and complete 5 burpees

CONGRATS to both Morgan and Melissa on their new babies that are due VERY soon! Both you guys earn super bonus points for continuing to workout this deep into the pregnancy! Congrats from CFD

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Likehood of injury based on hours of sleep per night

You NEVER go 4 scoops of preworkout!

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