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Do you look at everything?


Do you look at everything?


Ladies come pick up your orange tanks if you haven't already! 

Saturday 8/17/13
For time:
50 Deadhang pullups
100 Hand release (perfect)  pushups
Run 5k
*If you feel frisky wear a 20# vest

All of our coaches will be at Lalanne tomorrow but we will be running classes tomorrow morning.  Brian will be helping us AGAIN so be nice to him or he will no rep you, hes good at it. There will be NO OPEN gym tomorrow, as well as no free class. Please spread the word

How to do the perfect pushup

9 rules for mastering the squat. Heres a preview, almost all of them involve doing a FULL FREAKING SQUAT. GET YOUR BUTT DOWN THERE NO MATTER THE WEIGHT

Chipotle considering allowing antibiotics treated beef

Well this looks horrible


 Special treat for those of you who actually scroll down this far. Word on the street is that Sarahs Paleo pantry will be having a bake sale next weekend at CFD! All of the favorites including a preorder on paleo pizza crust and burger buns! More info as the weekend draws closer


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