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Do we serve liter-o-cola?


Do we serve liter-o-cola?

Coaches choice on what machine you use for the workout!

Friday 9/8/17

For time:
100 Handstand pushups (partner holds 53/35 overhead)
100 Wallballs (30/14)
100/75 Calories (partner holds 53/35 in front rack)
100 Burpee over partner (partner holds plank)
100 KB swings (70/53)(partner hangs from pullup bar)
*coach gets to choose which machine you use for the calories

General fitness

AMRAP 25 min:
100 Wallballs
100 DB push press
100 Burpee
100 KB swings
100 Calories

CrossFit reduces mans back squat by hundreds of pounds in one day

Newly minted “weightlifter” forsakes imperial system, asks for a ‘kilo of Cola’

Do team workouts push you to try harder or do you avoid being certian peoples partner because they will “make you do too hard” 

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