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Do it for the boobs


Do it for the boobs


Sunday 9/6/15
EMOM for as long as possible
3 power clean (165/115)
3 Front squat
3 Push jerks
*Goal is 20 min. You must power clean the last clean then go into front squats, no full cleans
**If you fail under 5 min rest the following min and try to finish with 2-2-2

6 rounds for time:
4 Thrusters (135/95)
6 Pushups
8 Toes to bar

Due to lack of attendance starting next week we will be canceling 6:30pm on Fridays and comp class on Saturdays at 10am. Which is unfortunate because that was one of our more popular classes…must be too hard…..don’t wanna work too hard….

Barbells for boobs is back! This year we will be doing it Sunday October 25th. Last year we killed it and increased on out total from the year before, lets see if we can keep this trend going! All you have to do is make a profile and sign up for a heat. CLICK HERE TO GET GOING!!!

Here is an example of how to dismantle this workout

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