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Debate of the century!


Debate of the century!


Expect to see some more single leg work. Fridays wod shows we need some work on it. Except Don, he did pretty good

Tuesday 11/12/13
Overhead warmup fun
Find a 3rm snatch balance w/3 second pause at absolute bottom of squat
3×5 OHS w/weight from above.
Alternating min for 14 min:
1 min:
15 Thrsuters (95/65)
1 min:
15 KB swings (70/53)
*If you know that this will be easy, try doing it at 115/75 or up the reps to 20/20. If you know 15/15 will not last then have a back up plan of 12/12 or 10/10. Goal is to finish all 14 or as many as possible with the 15/15 reps

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Please read both of the articles Im posting tonight. They are both great food for thought in regards to the most important topic in the world…squatting. They are especailly fun reads if you have ever taken a biomechanics or anatomy class. 

Supple leapords vs. the world: my take on the “knees out” debate 

Should the knees be pushed out in the Olympic squat? 

Snatch balance. I have a feeling I know which one you will watch…

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