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Deadmans carry????


Deadmans carry????

Congrats to Jon on finishing the Spartan ultra race in 12 hours 36 min! 

No picture of Alan available as he finished the race before photographers 
could get their cameras out

Friday 8/11/17

In teams of 2:
100 Synchronized wallballs (20/14)
3 rounds for time:
300m Deadmans carry (180/135)
18 Burpee box jump overs each (30/24)(regional standard)
100m synchronized walking lunge (45/25)

General fitness

In teams of 2
AMRAP 30 min:
100 Burpees over parallette
1 mile medball run (together)
100 Weighted lunges
100 Wallballs
*Split reps however you want

Man believes 41st attempt at Max snatch will be “the one”

Schmidt loves CrossFit! Shut up Seth Meyers

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