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CFD has the cutest dogs around

Friday 12/19/14

Spend 10 min practicing a skill you need work on
Rope climbs, kipping, handstands, butterfly, pistols….
With a partner or 2
With a 12 min clock:
Climb the ladder as high as you can in a you go I go fashon
Strict pullup
Ring pushup
You do 1 pullup I do 1 pullup. You do 1 pushups I do 1 pushup. So on and so on as high as possible
AMRAP 15 min:
8 Burpee box jumps (24/20)
8 Alt arm DB snatch (70/50)
*Partner A performs 8 burpee box jumps, then B performs 8. Partner A does 8 snatches, the B performs 8. Thats 1 round

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