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Custom Home Gyms

CrossFit Danville’s Custom Home Gyms

CFD has started doing a lot of hope gym consulting and instillation over the past year so we decided to put a dedicated page to it on our website. Setting up a proper home gym has can be expensive and have more costs than just the equipment. My goal in doing this is to set you up with a mini gym with the highest quality equipment for the cheapest price. If you’ve every ordered stuff on Rogue before you know the shipping total is sometimes more than the actual item. Knowing how to shop and combine items can save you hundreds if not thousands on your final order.

Gym layout and instillation is hard and time consuming if you’ve never done it before. Over 15 years of being in the gym I’ve developed kind of a knack for it so after your gear arrives I install everything and offer you my suggestion on where everything should go.

If you have any interest in setting up a home gym please contact us at for specifics and pricing!

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