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Curtis who?


Curtis who?


Sunday 1/10/15

Snatch practice
Establish a 1RM high hang snatch (power or full)
1 every 30 sec at 80@
For time:
100 Burpees over the bar
*EMOM 5 thrusters (95/65) until you finish. First set of thrusters start @1:00 not 0:00. You must do thrusters every min to complete it RX, no skipping minutes

WOD #1 for battle for bragging rights is….

RX AMRAP 10 min:
Split up reps however you wish
12 Curtis Ps (135/95)
10 Curtis Ps (155/105)
8 Curtis Ps (185/135)
6 Curtis Ps (205/145)
4 Curtis Ps (225/155)
2 Curtis Ps (245/165)
Max reps muscle ups

Scaled AMRAP 10 min:
SPlit up reps however you wish
12 Curtis Ps 95/65
10 Curtis Ps 115/75
8 Curtis Ps 135/95
6 Curtis Ps 155/105
4 Curtis Ps 185/135
2 Curtis Ps 205/145
Max reps pullups

*1 Curtis P=Full clean+lunge L+lunge R+shoulder to overhead. Time will be taken after each weight is completed. If you and your partner get stuck at a weight your score will be total #of reps completed and the tie breaker will be the tim at the end of your last completed weight. For example, if 2 teams both cannot complete any reps at 245 their score will be 40 reps. If team A completes the 225 in 7:45 and team B completes the 225 in 7:58, team A will win the tie break. You will be able to set up your rings and pick your pullup bar before the workout. Partial reps do not count, the entire complex must be completed without dropping the bar. If you complete the clean and both lunges but fail the jerk it you must restart at the clean.

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