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CrossFit threatens America


CrossFit threatens America


Get comfortable in the receiving position of the clean!!!

Sunday 11/10/13
7min row for max calories:
In teams of 2-4 row for max calories in 7 min. Alternate rowers every 15 cals
Back squat
3 rounds for time:
15 DB Hang squat clean to thruster
15 Ring dips
30 Double unders
*20 min time limit
*DB/KB weight is up to you. It should be heavy enough to make 15 unbroken each round touch. think (45/35)
** If you are able to, set the rings high so you have to perform a muscle up to do your dips

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McDonalds hamburgers “unfit for human consumption”

Double unders are as easy as air squats. Really. Air squats are the worst!

This is by fitness Lonnies best production! A must watch 

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