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Congrats guys!


Congrats guys!

Congrats to Becky and Raf as CFDs newest married couple!

Monday 9/14/15
Front squat mobility
Alternating tabata
Goblet squat hold
Planch pushup hold
Front squat
Build to a max for the day with the following (7 second pause at absolute bottom, 15 sec at the top)
3×3@80% with the same holds. Yes thats over a min of static holds with the weight
AMRAP 8min:
8 Burpee pullups
24 Alternating jumping lunges

New cycle starts today. As usual we will squat twice a week but some of the other days will be changed around a bit. We will be running but not as much, I know everyone is very upset about that. I wanted to add more gymnastics strength stuff which everyone needs to work on, except CJ. Keep an eye out for new stuff

Also remember we are now offering extra programming for those of you wanting to bump up your skills a little bit and take it to the next levl. $55/month. Please let us know if you have questions or would like to get started 

Barbells for boobs. Sign up

Coaches vs. members part 3! Word on the street is that synchronized burpees are making a return! 

This is how low I want the pause. Same amount of weight would be cool too

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