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Clean all the weights!


Clean all the weights!


The more comfortable you are in a full squat the more weight you will clean

Friday 8/28/15
Establish a 1RM clean of any kind
*power,full, hang power, hang full. whatever you want to do
In teams of 2:
For time:
21 Thrusters (Partner A)(115/75)
21 Thrusters (Partner B)(115/75)
12 Rope climbs (A&B)
15 Thrusters (A)(115/75)
15 Thrusters (B)(115/75)
9 Rope climbs (A&B)
9 Thrusters (A)(115/75)
9 Thursters (B)(115/75)
6 Rope climbs
*Each partner must do their own 21-15-9 thrusters. SPlit the rope climbs up between partners however you want

Those of you that finished off the paleo challenge……………………..don’t forget about the BBQ party at whole foods this Sunday. The workout portion has been cancelled do to lack of interest but they will still be handing out prizes. Words to live by, you can’t out train a poor diet…..eating doughnuts as post workout is not cool and in not “gainz”

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