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Starting slowly

Thursday 5/21/20 PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ABOUT REOPENING BELOW THE WOD 5rounds:90seconds:20 Hollow rocks + Max reps situps90 seconds: Plank hold+Against a 10 min clock:Run...
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Wednesday 5/20/20CrossFitEMOM 12 min:3 Power cleans + 3 front squats + 3. shoulder to overhead*Pick a weight that is tough but will allow to finish...
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Barbell action

Sunday 5/17/20 Every 2 min x 6 rounds “Big clean complex”High hang cleanHang clean CleanPush pressHigh hang cleanHang cleanPushjerkHighhang clean Hang cleanClean Split jerk*This complex...
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Watch it again

Saturday 5/16/20Fun stuff+In teams of 2:AMRAP 32 min42 Alt arm snatches (50/35)42 Burpees42 Front rack lunges (50/35)42 Thrusters (50/35)42 Situps42 Power cleans (50/35)42 DB pushupsRun...
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Barn burners

Friday 5/15/20CrossFit EMOM 10min:50ft odd object overhead carry + Max reps dips or handstand pushups or strict pullups+In teams of 2:AMRAP 30 min:Partner A. Run...
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