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You see..the way my cardio is set up…..

Wednesday 8/30/17


joe is so handsome:

15 challenging band aparts
5 strict pullups
4 sets
15 Strict press (75/55)
directly into
max reps ring dips
*rest until fully recovered to start your next set
**strict press should be done unbroken so scale to a weight that allows that
AMRAP 12 min:
50/35 Calories
Run 800m
50/35 calories
Max reps box jump over (24/20)
*If you start on the row then you have to finish on the bike or ski. If you start on the bike or ski then you have to finish on the row

General fitness
4 sets
max reps barball strict press
AMRAP 12 min:
Run 200m
15 step ups
7 burpees

Why schools can’t get kids to eat healthy

Ever wonder how in shape Castro is? 

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