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Bunk beds


Bunk beds


Its summer. Get your calender’s filled up with some fun activities

Friday 6/12/15

EMOM 10 min:
Hang snatch+ Overhead squat
In teams of 2:
For time:
50 Strict handstand pushups
10 alternating rounds of:
3 Ground to overhead (135/95)
3 Strict weighted pullups (40/20)
50 Kipping handstand pushups
*Split up handstand puhsups however you want. Rounds must alternate between partners. A does 3 G2OH and 3 pullups then B does 3 and 3. 10 rounds total, 5 each

Meet the diabolical mind behind the CrossFit games

Couple reminders on activities coming up at CFD! Check it yo

Dog days of summer is coming up. RX division is officially SOLD OUT! There are still scaled spots open. GET IN TODAY 

Again. The whole foods paleo challenge is starting next week and the kick off meeting is Wednesday at 6pm. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT ALL OF THE INFO YOU WILL NEED. Sign up sheet is on the events board

TAC (Teen Athletic Conditioning) is starting this upcomping Monday for out summer session. Sign your kids up and get them super buff for the summer!!

Is he the next champ???

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