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Bring on the belly aching


Bring on the belly aching


The only way to get better at something is to do it

Thursday 1/16/14
Nose to wall climbs
Rope climbs or lay down stand ups

In 20 min:
3 max sets of
muscle ups
handstand pushups
*Use time to work on these 2 movements. If you are proficient at them already then for for 3 max sets. If you have 20+ HSPUs then add a defecit
For time:
100 Double unders
75 KB snatch (53/35)
50 Burpee pullups
25 Handstand pushups
*20 min time limit

WOD#3 for battle for bragging rights

AMRAP 12 min:
alternating exercises
30 Double unders RX scaled 60 single unders
10 Wallballs RX (20/14) scaled (14/10)
10 KB snatch RX (53/35) scaled (35/26)
5 Pullups RX (chest to bar) scaled (chin over bar)
5 Handstand pushups RX (hands on 25s head to abmat) scaled (hand release pushups on box)

WOD#3 is an amrap for total rounds and reps completed. Partner A starts the amrap and must do all 30 double unders, once they are finished partner B must do 10 wallballs, then A does 10 KB snatches, B does 5 pullups, A does 5 Handstand pushups. For the second round B will start on the doubles, continue this pattern for as many rounds possible in 12 min. Double unders, rope must go around your feet twice. Single unders are single unders. Wallballs, ball must start from a still position on the ground, no catching it on the bounce. You must travel to a full squat and throw the ball to your line, men 10′ women 9′. Chest to bar pullups, chest MUST MAKE CONTACT WITH THE BAR. For scaled you may either do unassisted pullups or partner helping pullups if either partner can no longer do regular pullups. Handstand pushups, RX hands must be on 25# plates with head touching abmat in the middle. Whole hand must stay on top of the plate, that means fingers cannot hang off edge and fingers cannot be inside the holes….Scaled team will perform hand release pushups with feet on a box and chest on another box. You may not split up reps for each exercise, each athlete must do their designated reps for the exercise before their partner can begin the next movement.

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