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Because charts are more fun than reading…


Because charts are more fun than reading…


Hook grip saves lives

Monday 2/17/14
8 Rounds:
30 seconds max abmat situps
30 seconds max PERFECT hand release pushups (focus is performing the most perfect pushups possible, I dont care how many)
Work up to a heavy single of the following complex
Push press-push jerk-split jerk
1@95 1@90%
For reps:
4 min
Run 400m
Max reps pullups
4 min
Run 400m
max reps burpees
4 min
Run 400
max reps lateral box jumps (20″)
*This is 12 min of continuous work. At go run 400 then whatever time is left in 4 min you do max pullups. At 4 min you stop and run 400 then max reps burpees. At 8 min you run 400 then max lateral box jumps

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