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Battle for bragging rights!


Battle for bragging rights!

Whos gonna win this year?!?!?

Thursday 4/12/17

EMOM 8 min:
1 min: 9 strict press
1 min: 9 ring row
*add to what you used last time
EMOM 30 min:
1 min: Row 15/10 cal
1 min: 15 burpees

Battle for bragging rights is coming up May 13th! CLICK HERE TO SIGN YOUR TEAM UP!!!! RX and scaled divisions. First WOD to be announced a week or 2 before event, it will probably start off with strict muscle ups and squat snatches at 225……..If you can do most of our daily WODs RX you will be fine for RX. If you are not sure as your coaching staff

Superman defends Batman

DO NOT cheat in the open or mess with HQ. They will destroy you. Trevor Bachmeyer banned and DQd

Pegboards at regionals? 

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