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Athlete of the year!


Athlete of the year!

Great Thanksgiving turn out!

Saturday 11/24/18

12 rounds for time:
10 DB hang squat cleans (50/35)
6 Handstand pushups hands on DBs

Danville 60

12 rounds:
10 DB hand squat cleans
10 DB push press

Normal schedule for the reminder of the weekend.

Doing something different for the athlete oft he month this month. We will be picking ATHLETE OF THE YEAR and you guys will be voting. There is an actual cool prize for the winner, 100% serious this time. CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your athlete of the year. You can only vote one time and you cannot vote for yourself. You have until Friday to vote!

Holiday party is December 22nd. We will be doing secret Santa as usual. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE!


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