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At least 5 scoops


At least 5 scoops


Sticking your tongue out increases shoulder to overhead abilities by 50%

Tuesday 9/23/14
Spend 15 min working on a skill you need to practice
Hang snatch
5×3 (emphasis on speed and perfect technique)
3 rounds for time:
6 Power cleans (155/105)
12 Front rack lunges (155/105)
6 Shoulder to overhead (155/105)

For my squatting friends. 22 awkward moments everyone with a big butt has experienced 

CrossFit vs. Yoga: Choose a side . I cant tell if this dude it trying to be funny or serious but this made me laugh

WOD #4 for anniversary party

100 Wallballs (20/14)(12’/10′ target)
100 Front squats (165/110)

*this is the last wod for the anniversary party. At 3,2,1 GO you and your team will complete all 4 wods back to back to back to back. The team that finished first is the winner! Here is the whole wod

In teams of 8/4:
For time:
100 Ground to overhead (165/110)
200 PUllups
150 Pistols
100 Handstand pushups
75 Toes to bar
30 Muscle ups
15 Rope climbs
Run 1 mile together (holding a rope)
50 synchronized burpees
200 Cal row
600 Double unders
100 Wallballs (12’/10′ target)
100 Front squats (165/110)
GET READY! Its on like donkey kong. The coaches are ready to take you guys down!!!

I wonder how many scoop of pre workout this guy took…….


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